Your donation helps these children with:

Food Security

Why right now is the best time to give:
Food insecurity is at dangerous levels for many people in Burkina Faso right now. This is the lean season, when food from last year’s harvest is depleted and people go hungry waiting for the next harvest. 

                                                                 Your gift pays for:
-Motorcycle transport throughout region surrounding Ziniare to identify children with disabilities (and their families) and orphans. Moto is the least costly, most efficient means of transport
-Immediate food aid
-Basic medical intervention, connection to further care
-School equipment & materials for mobile classrooms
-Mobility-enhancing devices such as crutches, wheelchairs, hand-crank tricycles and other supports
-Rental of building for Tiki Yiki center in Ziniare, equipped with classroom necessities and retrofit as feasible for accessibility
-Delivery of remedial middle-school level classes and preschool activities, to occur at Tiki Yiki center and via mobile education
-Delivery of training in prevention of common diseases such as malaria and cholera, promotion of health & wellness

                                                       What’s next for Tiki Yiki?
Tiki Yiki hopes to achieve non-profit accreditation in 2018.  Gaby is currently doing his best with meager resources available-more financial support will allow him to expand operations and serve more children. 

Next steps include creation of a sustainable food program, development of a skills-to-work program; and educational exchanges with schools in other countries.

Over the next 6-8 months, funding will provide Gaby the stability to train staff, develop programs, and seek community partners.